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There is no better feeling that seeing your completed project standing tall. Unfortunately, in many construction companies negative cash flow is a common occurrence due to the nature of the industry.

Construction cannot stall since projects need to continue moving forward at the agreed pace and late milestone achievements can result in further delayed payments compounding the cash flow-problem. Whether you need more cash on hand, want to spend money on marketing, or need help getting through a cash flow issue, we understand your situation.  We can be your crane and Lyft you up to ensure your business never falls through getting you the capital you need, when you need it.

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Negative cash flow is a common occurrence in the construction industry, and is widely known as the leading cause of financial issues.  It is not uncommon to see profitable ventures result in negative cash flow periods because of the timing of payments from the client.

Employees, suppliers, and subcontractors all need to be paid on-time for the business to continue functioning, however it is not uncommon for contracts to be structured around achieving certain milestones in construction, and anything from bad weather or late material shipments can delay progress.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time contracts are structured in a way that almost certainly guarantees negative cash flow at some point, especially when they are tendered at anything lower than 10% profit.

Industry practice regularly gives clients 30 days to complete payment after they receive the invoice, and invoices are commonly submitted at the end of the month. Because many contractors pay their employees weekly, it is not uncommon for them to pay out 7 weeks of wages before they receive payment for the work their employees have completed.

Additionally, due to heavy competition for quality clients, in many cases construction companies wind up extending payment terms to win contracts, and as in many industries, sometimes clients simply pay late.  Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your staff submit progress valuations late even when the milestones are achieved on time, and some contractors even fail to fully claim completed work.

We have the know how, professionalism, & experience to guide you thru a successful funding process. That not only gets you capital but at rates & terms that work best for your business and situation.  


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