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Contributing to the local community by helping people get the medical help they need is a cornerstone in every society. However, medical equipment is notoriously expensive, insurance companies are often a hassle to deal with, patients sometimes need time to pay their bill, and some are not able to pay at all.

We provide the capital you need to keep your business in its best health at all times, and to
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Helping Medical Practices Nationwide Obtain Capital

Plastic Surgeons – Google Trends have made it clear that each year during July-December, the average search volume of cosmetic surgery related terms sees a significant decline. This means, without proper marketing, sales can see a downward trend for a significant portion of the year. Staff must still be paid, medical equipment must still be updated, and supplies must still be bought. Whether you need to build a cash reserve for worst case scenarios or would like extra cash to implement a plan for your business to flourish during seasonal downtime, here at Lyft Capital we have the financial resources available to mold a customized solution.

Private Clinics – the medical industry is going through a period of unprecedented growth, and with an aging population, this trend is expected to continue. However, simultaneously, we also see the burden of payment is slowly being shifted from the government and insurance providers directly to the patients and their families.  Delinquent accounts from struggling patients depreciate at a rate of 0.5% per day, so every month that passes for unpaid medical bills result in a 15% loss of Accounts Receivable (A/R) revenue. Historically, A/R has been one of the largest financial assets of medical offices, so the risk is potentially devastating. Additionally, studies show that HMOs and PPOs are taking longer to pay, and insurance reimbursement rates are plummeting every year.  Operating costs have been rising from the constant introduction of new technology and legal requirements. Therefore, increased expenses, higher demand for medical services, lower per-claim revenues and longer payment times are leading to cash flow difficulties in many clinics across the nation.

The majority of healthcare companies encounter cash flow issues at one time or another, and more and more are beginning to plan for them beforehand. Whether you are already in a tight financial situation or want to plan for one, we have customized solutions to keep you cash flow healthy.

Dental Practices – as with most businesses, dentist offices often face significant overhead for salaries, equipment and accounts payable, so keeping cash on hand often is a necessity. Whether you need cash to create a reserve fund, help cover fixed expenses, or to invest in marketing to drive more revenue, we can tailor our financial products to ensure your business continues to shine.

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  • 10 minute
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  • Online approvals within an hour
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