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The look of an excited shopper that just purchased their new outfit is what drives many retail owners to continue selling quality products. Unfortunately, sometimes slow periods result in cash flow issues that can harm your business. 

Sometime you need cash to market new fashions, or simply to upgrade your location. We understand the rapidly changing needs of the retail industry, and we offer a wide range of solutions to satisfy your needs and Lyft you to the next level.

Borrow capital for a wide variety reasons – including more working capital, inventory, equipment, refinancing other debts, buying real estate, even to aquire another business.


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Purchasing inventory often causes cash flow difficulties for retailers because predicting demand can be difficult. As busy season approaches, some retailers can be tempted into purchasing inventory up front instead of spreading it out more evenly, which can result in invoices being due before you have the chance to sell it.

Additionally, if too much merchandise is purchased for the season this can result in funds being tied up on the floor, leaving companies at risk of not being able to update their inventory in time.

Fixed costs can stress your business especially during the slow season, and the reality is most businesses are at risk of unexpected dips in demand. If you are looking to separate yourself from the competition through upgrading your store, increase awareness by investing in marketing or simply looking for cash on hand to manage rough financial periods, we have the financial resources necessary to build your business is up and Lyft it through all the rough patches.

We have the know how, professionalism, & experience to guide you thru a successful funding process. That not only gets you capital but at rates & terms that work best for your business and situation.  


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  • Online approvals within an hour
  • Same-day funding

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  • Terms from 4 – 12 months
  • From $5,000 to $500,000
  • Renewal options available

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  • 10 minute
  • application
  • Online approvals within an hour
  • Same-day funding

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