Take on your next business challenge with equipment
financing from Lyft Capital

Whether you need new heavy machinery for your construction projects or new office
equipment, equipment financing may be right for you.

What makes equipment financing worth considering?

Maintaining access to working capital is a prudent approach when managing a small business. In instances where you prefer not to deal with a sizable lump sum and the extended commitments associated with a small business loan, or when a business credit card isn’t the optimal choice for your business’s well-being, a business line of credit might be the perfect solution. With a streamlined application process, competitive rates, and adaptable repayment options, securing dependable and ongoing cash flow has never been easier.

Preservation of Cash Flow

Equipment financing allows businesses to acquire the necessary assets without depleting their cash reserves. This preserves cash for other operational needs, emergencies, or investment opportunities.

Tax Benefits

In many cases, equipment financing offers tax advantages. Businesses may be able to deduct interest and depreciation expenses, reducing their overall tax liability.

Business Growth

Upgraded or additional equipment can lead to increased production capacity, expanded services, or improved product quality, all of which can drive business growth and profitability.

Flexible Terms

Equipment financing offers various term lengths and repayment options, allowing businesses to tailor the financing arrangement to their specific needs and budget.

Equipment Financing – What You Should Understand

Every business relies on top-tier, up-to-date equipment; without it, operations and profitability would be challenging. However, the substantial cost of equipment and the thought of depleting available capital may cause some apprehension. Thankfully, with Lyft Capital Equipment Financing, you no longer have to tolerate outdated or malfunctioning equipment. You can secure financing that covers the entire equipment cost, without any down payment requirement and with flexible monthly payments, all at industry-leading interest rates. Whether you run a construction company, operate a landscaping business, own a restaurant, or work in the B2B services sector, ensuring the smooth operation of your business has never been more convenient than with Lyft Capital equipment financing.

How to Get Started ?

Step 1 : Applying for equipment financing with Lyft Capital is a breeze, and it should only consume about 5 minutes of your time.
Step 2 :Just complete our straightforward online application, and don’t forget to upload your vendor invoice at the end of the application process.
Step 3 :That’s all there is to it! After we receive your submission, a Lyft Capital equipment finance specialist will reach out to provide a decision or, if needed, to gather additional information about your business.
Step 4 :Once approved, your finance specialist will collaborate with you to set up a payment amount and plan that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

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Taking The Headache Out of Business Financing

Navigating the vast sea of business financing information online can be overwhelming. Identifying accurate information, trustworthy lenders, and the right financing option for your needs may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Our mission is to cut through the noise. With 15 years of expertise in small business financing, we have diligently kept pace with the ever-changing landscape. Our financing specialists possess comprehensive knowledge of each financing product, understanding how they work and the optimal scenarios for their application.


Bridging the Gap Between Data and Human Insight

While we appreciate and leverage data, we recognize that businesses are driven by human decisions. Often, a purely data-driven approach may not be the most suitable course of action. That’s precisely why we adopt a consultative strategy when assisting small businesses in their quest for financing. We actively engage in listening to your unique situation, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs, and prioritizing your preferences regarding the type of funding you seek. Our goal is to put your mind at ease by guiding you to the most fitting financing solution for your business.


Unveiling Financial Transparency

With Lyft Capital, there are no smoke and mirrors – what you see is what you get. Placing our customers’ best interests at the forefront, we uphold transparency in every aspect of the application and funding process. At Lyft Capital, our core principles revolve around transparency, fairness, and integrity. This commitment empowers business owners to make informed financial decisions, ensuring the prosperity of their businesses.