Lyft Capital Business Lines of Credit

Secure the working capital you desire with the benefits and flexibility of a business line of credit.

Quick and Affordable Financing For Your Business:
  • Funding up to $500K
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Simple 1 page application
  • Same day approval process
Minimum Requirements:
  • $250K annual revenue
  • 650 credit score
  • 2 years in business

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Take on your next business challenge with a business
line of credit from Lyft Capital

Explore the benefits of a business line of credit. Access your credit line, whether it’s a small or substantial amount, precisely when your business requires it, for ANY business need. You’ll only make payments on the funds you utilize!

What makes a business line of credit worth considering?

Maintaining access to working capital is a prudent approach when managing a small business. In instances where you prefer not to deal with a sizable lump sum and the extended commitments associated with a small business loan, or when a business credit card isn’t the optimal choice for your business’s well-being, a business line of credit might be the perfect solution. With a streamlined application process, competitive rates, and adaptable repayment options, securing dependable and ongoing cash flow has never been easier.

Working Capital

One of the primary reasons businesses opt for a line of credit is to maintain sufficient working capital. It provides access to funds that can be used to cover day-to-day operating expenses, such as payroll, inventory restocking, and utility bills.


Unlike traditional loans with fixed monthly payments, a line of credit offers flexibility. You only pay interest on the amount you use, and you can repay and reuse the funds as needed within your credit limit.

Building Business Credit

Successfully managing a business line of credit can help establish and improve your business credit score. This can be beneficial when seeking larger loans or better credit terms in the future.

Cash Flow Management

Lines of credit can be used to manage cash flow effectively. For instance, if your business has a delay in receiving payments from customers, you can use the line of credit to cover immediate expenses.

Am I Eligible for a Business Line of Credit?

Eligibility for a Line of Credit might not be as challenging as you imagine! Depending on the amount you wish to obtain, there are only a few basic criteria to fulfill (perfect credit is not necessary), including:

  • $250K annual revenue
  • 650 credit score
  • Established business credit
  • 2 years in business

Business Lines of Credit – What You Should Understand

Running a business can introduce a great deal of unpredictability, encompassing unexpected equipment repairs, seasonal fluctuations, unforeseen growth spurts, and everything in between. However, when you secure a business line of credit through Lyft Capital, unpredictability no longer implies instability. You gain the flexibility to cover business expenses that exceed credit card limits or fall below the threshold for a small business loan, all while paying interest solely on the amount you utilize. Ensuring a continuous flow of working capital and maintaining financial stability, even during the most chaotic periods has never been more straightforward period.

How to Get Started ?

Applying for a line of credit with Lyft Capital is a quick process, taking just minutes to initiate. Simply complete our online application, upload your three most recent bank statements, and you’re good to go! Once we receive your application and bank statements, your Financing Specialist will contact you to communicate the credit line size for which you qualify and guide you through the subsequent steps.